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If you’re going to spend the next three to five years of your life investing your heart and soul, your blood, sweat, and tears into launching or growing a business, you better love what you’re doing!

Ikigai is a Japanese word whose meaning roughly translates to a “reason for being”, encompassing joy, a sense of purpose and meaning, and a feeling of well-being. The word derives from iki, meaning life and kai, meaning the realization of hopes and expectations. Students conduct a comprehensive personal assessment to discover their ikigai. They explore such things as attitude and outlook, gifts and talents, knowledge and skills, life experiences, and networks and relationships. This information is then used to identity the key drivers that get you out of bed in the morning. Work-life integration can be achieved when your ikigai is aligned with your purpose at work yielding the highest levels of engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. Team ikigai is then explored for synergy and conflict.

Starting a business is about more than just making money. Money is the byproduct of knowing and serving a customer with a pressing need that is actively seeking a solution in a defined market. But does the purpose of your business to serve your customer align with your reason for being? How do you know if your great idea will make a good business? Does your business culture unlock the potential in your workforce by aligning their personal purpose with their work to empower work-life integration? Is personal development planning a core part of your business development strategy?

Identity Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE) is designed to address the issues of personal and team identity, purpose, destiny, and fulfillment for work-life integration in entrepreneurship. IDE covers a range of personal assessment tools and applies learning to define business purpose, culture, and values for maximum productivity, fulfillment and work satisfaction. You will walk away with an understanding of personal identity and purpose, how to spot a good business idea, and the tools for application in business development strategy.


  • Discover personal identity and purpose and unlock passion and potential.
  • Draft a Personal Development Plan to take action.
  • Understand a process to discover team identity, purpose and destiny.
  • Understand the importance of culture and the impact it has on workforce productivity and engagement.
  • Design a culture that unlocks potential and provides a passion for work with a purpose.
  • Learn how to identify a great business idea that aligns with identity.


There are 4 modules in this course and 18 lessons, averaging 10 minutes each, with associated videos, learning objectives, practical assignments, and quizzes. This course can be reviewed as an overview in as little as 2 days; however, to get the most out of this course, we recommend dedicating regular time over 6-9 months as you spiral towards greater clarity of your passion, purpose, and business idea.


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