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If you’re just starting out and wanting to know how to build your organizational culture right or are in the throws of growing a business and wondering how to scale culture, then this course if for you.

Curating, Scaling and Managing Culture (CSMC) – Designed for leaders responsible for managing or influencing the culture of their organization. Based on 30+ years of proven practice for culture transformation and change management, the course covers how to curate, scale, and manage culture, new leadership requirements in the 21st century, the impact disruptive innovation has on people and culture, how to manage the transitional stages of change, and how to design and implement a successful innovation project. Students walk away with an awareness of how to design and manage culture as well as an overview of the steps to successfully manage a change initiative or innovation project.


  • Understand the impact of culture on workforce productivity and implement strategies to curate, scale, and manage culture.
  • Understand the impact of disruptive innovation on workforce culture and the new requirements of leadership.
  • Learn management strategies to address workforce trauma and guide staff through the transitional stages of change.
  • Learn and apply a systematic approach to managing innovation initiatives and harnessing ongoing, accelerating change.


There are 4 modules in this course and 16 lessons, averaging 10 minutes each, with associated videos, learning objectives, practical assignments, and quizzes. This course can be reviewed as an overview in as little as 2 days; however, to get the most out of this course, we recommend dedicating regular time over 6-9 months as you spiral towards greater clarity of your passion, purpose, and business idea.


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